The Partners of the Citotel, Hotel de la Marne Tarbes

Trabes Touriste Office, Hautes Pyrénées, Midi Pyrénées


Trabes Touriste Office is just 800m from the Hotel de la Marne

Office de Tourisme de Tarbes - 3 Cours Gambetta - 65 000 Tarbes - Tél. : +33 5 62 51 30 31 - Fax : +33 5 62 44 17 63

L’Office Municipal des sports "OMS"


The Municipal Office is a sports association "loi 1901" which includes all of Tarbes sports clubs and municipal officials.

Parc des Pyrénées

Tarbes Pyrénées Football


The Tarbes Pyrénées Football is created from the merger between Stado Tarbes Tarbes Gespe Football and Football in 2006.